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Employee Benefits

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In a country coming out of recession, never before has the ‘overall benefits package’ of an employee being scrutinised so much. It seems that the additional benefits offered by the employer can often outweigh a higher salary with little or no benefits.

Lower costs per member and tax efficiency have lead many employers offering an employee benefits package into their staff.

Employee Benefits is also known as Group Risk and generally include group life (death in service), group income protection, group critical illness and group health insurance. These benefits can be highly valued by employees especially when individual costs of obtaining the same cover is generally much higher.

Over the last few years, many have extended their offering to include group travel, childcare vouchers and flexible benefits.

Our advisers can design and implement a bespoke package tailored to your business needs or budget or simply review the existing schemes in place for their competitiveness and quality. In addition, our excellent administration team and software, ensure efficient processing of any scheme or staff needs.

By successfully managing your employee benefits, you can improve staff retention which could even lead to increased profitability and reduced costs.