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In House Surgeries

Our workplace financial surgeries can do more than simply improve the financial health of your employees. They can result in rewarding benefits for your company too – from better staff retention, reduced sickness and even a positive impact on your bottom line.

Employees who are less distracted by financial concerns are likely to be more productive and display greater loyalty improving staff retention and reducing the costs associated with recruitment and training. 

Either standalone or as part of an Employee Benefits package, in-house surgeries can reduce administrative burdens and ensure HR and Management are able to focus on other areas of business.


It is worth considering that the perceived value of an Employee Benefits scheme far outweighs the actual cost and in many cases, certain benefits can be tax deductible saving both the employee and employer. 

For example, an employee who is a contributing member of their company personal pension scheme may be just within the higher rate tax bracket. With advice they may be able to adjust the method that their contributions are taking via salary sacrifice. This means that their pension contributions are taken from their gross salary and treated as an employer contribution. This has the advantages of reducing not only income tax but Employee and Employer National Insurance payments also. In some cases, it may also amend an employee’s tax status from higher to basic. 

* It is important to note that reducing your salary via salary sacrifice may impact your borrowing limits although these can usually be overcome with by a simple letter from the employer 

On another example, protection plans such as Private Medical has many advantages for being purchased via a company. The buying power alone usually ensures lower premiums not to mention that some schemes are eligible to benefit from medical history disregarded policies. This means that an existing medical conditions will be covered within the policy. This would not be possible with an individual plan which are fully underwritten with pre existing conditions being excluded. Should the employee leave the company, in most cases, they can transfer the plan to an individual contract preserving all of the benefits.

Benefits of Using a Financial Planner

An Independent Financial Planner can help to:

1. Ensure a personal tragedy does not turn into a financial crisis 
2. Reduce stress related illness with budgeting plans 
3. Provide an unbiased view to determine realistic goals 
4. Help reach these goals such as retirement 
5. Incorporate tax planning and help to reduce tax via savings schemes, trust planning or careful income planning such as introducing salary sacrifice 
6. Keep track of goals to ensure that these remain achievable 
7. Ultimately bring peace of mind

What Else Can We Offer?

Market updates and commentary.
Articles on topical issues such as estate planning and long term care.

Q & A’s

  • As an employer will I be held responsible for any individual employee’s fees? No not unless you have provided express permission to do so.
  • Can you see me at work? Yes meetings can be arranged at mutually convenient times at locations to suit.
  • I would like to implement a full employees package but don’t know where to start. Can you help? Yes we have expert planners who are able to arrange a full scheme on your behalf and guide you through the related administrative requirements.

How Are We Remunerated?

Our time is funded either by a set fee, agreed by you or by the scheme provider where applicable. A typical charge made per employee is £150 which includes a one hour initial consultation including a risk assessment (reduced from usual £200) based on a scheme of 35 employees. If required, a written report can be provided at £350 for the first 20 employees reduced to £300 thereafter. 

All of these meetings can take place either on site or at our offices ensuring costs are kept to the minimum.

What Can You Gain?

Financial help for your employees. 
Improved productivity for your business. 
Help promote financial wellness in your workplace and Nurture your employees with Nurture Financial Planning.