Protect your Family

Prtoect your Family

Financial Protection could be best summarised with the phrase ‘Plan for the best and prepare for the worst’. However extravagant our overall financial objectives everything can come quickly crashing down if the worst does in fact happen and we have nothing in place to mitigate this. The stress this can cause for us may be huge and very upsetting. Having well-planned financial protection underpins every other aspect of financial planning by ensuring that, in the event of death or illness, our objectives are protected and in effect protecting those around us that matter the most.

Some risks are best managed and some best insured. The risk of someone unknown walking into your home and stealing your money sitting on your table is best managed by ensuring your door is locked and valuables kept out of sight. But the more remote risk that a seasoned burglar may break into your home to steal the same valuables is best left to insurance.

Protection planning can be a mine field in that, depending on what you wish to cover for or whether you own your own business, there are various differing covers available for these needs. An important part of the financial planning process is to identify the different types of risk you have and plan accordingly. Here at Acorn Wealth Management Group we can help you explore many forms of financial protection to ensure your needs are met.